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Forest-Raised, Apple-Fed

A "Brand" New Chapter for Athol Orchards

Over the past eight years, we've enjoyed forging relationships and friendships with many North Idaho based farms and agricultural organizations. This past Summer, we were honored to be invited to participate in the very first Modern Homestead Conference in Coeur d' Alene, founded by life-long homesteaders Melissa K. Norris and Katie Millhorn. Through this experience we've forged a great friendship AND partnership with Katie, owner of Millhorn Farmstead, a local four generation farm.

This relationship has led to our acquiring Millhorn Homestead's Heritage Pork operation.

For thirteen years she's ethically raised and sold registered Hereford Hogs to feed families right here in North Idaho. We are honored to continue her commitment while she enjoys more well-deserved time with her children and family.

We are excited to announce that Athol Orchards will be investing in our livestock and husbandry practices, bringing your family beyond healthy, clean pork, ethically raised right here at Athol Orchards.  In our family's own journey, we have committed ourselves to growing our homestead that provides clean food to ourselves and our daughters. If it's not clean enough for us, it's not clean enough for you. Absolutely no commercial feed, no soy, no gmo's or antibiotics. The grains we nourish our livestock with is locally grown, locally milled and tailored for their specific needs.

If you want to cut ties with your dependence on the commercial pork industry and fill your freezer with heritage "forest raised, apple-fed" pork, click below for details on how to "bring home the bacon"!


Forest-Raised Mission

"Normally pigs spend much of their time foraging and rooting for food. Pigs make nests for sleeping and huddle together for warmth. Sows construct elaborate nests prior to giving birth. They frequently wallow in mud for cooling and skin care (skin parasites get rubbed off with the mud)".

-Compassion In World Farming

"Pigs are omnivores, needing to consume ten essential amino acids. They would naturally acquire 10% of their diet from animal sources, such as worms, insects, and small vertebrates, with the rest coming from a rich variety of plant sources, including nuts, acorns, grain, grasses, roots, berries, shoots, herbs, and bark. For such flexible feeding, pigs have developed the desire to explore, dig and forage."

-I Am Countryside

Bottom Line?

Pigs are not meant to live confined in large commercial structures surrounded by thousands of other pigs vying for food and space; where there is no opportunity for them to just be pigs - exploring, foraging, rooting in dirt and rolling in the mud. Quality of life matters when considering quality of pork. Our mission is to raise our Heritage Hereford Hogs here on our forested acreage, allowing them all the benefits a natural environment will provide. Rich forest floor, Spring sourced water, From forest to plate, there is NOTHING in comparison.

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