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Athol Orchards Bakery

Pies - Apple Dumplings - Scones - Fruit Fritters - Cider & Pumpkin Donuts-

Whether you are planning a rustic outdoor wedding during the late summer and autumn months, a family barbecue, planning the arrival of a baby or a bridal shower, pie is an authentic, original, and sweet addition that is sure to make your guests feel that you went the extra mile to make them feel welcome and loved. Our bakery focuses mainly on Autumn-inspired baked goods but will also have special treats available for the holidays throughout the year. If you have any special requests, please contact us and we'll be happy to work with you!


Special Event & Wedding Pies

Take your wedding or special event on the rustic and old-fashioned side and ditch the traditional desserts. Replace the traditional wedding cake with a rustic array of fresh pies that will surely delight your wedding guests. Impress your friends, co-workers, or special guests with the simply American goodness of a slice of pie. We offer a variety of rustic and authentic full size and "hand pie" options. Hand crafted details baked into the flakey crusts and personalized monogramming will make your guests smile and their taste buds dance. Most fruit, nut, cream fillings and flavors available. Please inquire about your wedding/special event.

Customizing Baked Goods Is our Gig

Bakery Menu


Full Size 9" Pies

Pie Crust

Mini-Hand Pies

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Dumplings, Fritters, Donuts, & Other Sweet Treats- Coming Fall 2017

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