Athol Orchard's Featured Goods

Hand-crafted Specialty Items Direct From Our Farm

All of our farm products are hand-crafted right here on our farm in Athol, ID. It is our ultimate goal to utilize our own raw ingredients to produce our farm offerings, a TRUE farm to fork experience. From our own farm-raised eggs, to our conscientiously-grown apples, pumpkins, cherries, pears and berries. In the future we plan on adding our own jersey cows that will provide the farm with our own supply of fresh butter and heavy cream to utilize in the bakery. When our own bakery ingredients are not in season, (fresh fruits, berries, etc.), we will strive to obtain these raw ingredients in our local natural food markets exclusively. Our farm added two Carniolan bee-hives this year to go to work on our orchards and pumpkins, and with this experience we hope to add more to our farm apiary in the coming seasons. These bees play a crucial role in pollinating our orchards as well as the heirloom pumpkins. Our bees will provide us with some unique and very genuine Athol Orchards Apple Blossom & Wildflower Honey. Beeswax candles and personal care items will also "bee" on the horizon. In addition to the bees, we are adding four Nigerian Dwarf doelings that will provide the farm with superior goat milk, slated to become some luxurious and completely natural goat milk soaps. A farm-inspired Apple Pumpkin Honey Granola is on the horizon as well- Stay in touch with us to see when these products and more will be available! 

Athol Orchard's Spiced Cider Syrup

Farm-Crafted - Unfiltered - Spiced

This very sinful and uniquely spiced cider syrup will likely become a staple item in your kitchen and pantry. Although it is technically a "syrup" which suggests traditional use on pancakes and your favorite Belgian waffles ( which I highly suggest), it can be enjoyed many other ways. Mix it into your favorite greek yogurt, drizzle some over your steel cut oats or hot cereal, pour a bit into your hot coffee for an Autumn-inspired cozy beverage, over hot apple scones, vanilla bean ice-cream, pound cake, the uses are limitless. Some of our more seasoned customers have begun using it as a marinade and glaze for their favorite pork, chicken, and salmon recipes. Whether it's grilled, smoked or baked - our syrup gives your dish an amazing flavor. You can even glaze veggies such as baked carrots, sweet potatoes or butternut squash! Time to get creative. My sister enjoys it straight off the spoon (not so creative, but oh so rewarding). Share some with your family, and then share your favorite uses with us. We may even feature it on our website!



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