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Athol Orchards now offers apple-fed, naturally raised pork twice a year, Spring and Fall.  Our pigs live in a forested setting, allowed to root in the rich forested soil, and spend their days relaxing in the shade of the pines. They snack on fresh garden produce, our own heritage apples, and native forage. Our heritage breed hogs are fed a regular diet of local, non-gmo, corn free, soy free grain. Never any hormones, steroids or antibiotics.



OUR PIGS ARE $4.50/LB HANGING WEIGHT Buyer pays all butcher fees. Our average hogs hang at roughly 140-180lb. Sold by the half or the whole ( please email for half availability). Your non-refundable deposit will be applied to the total amount due.

**Deposits on whole and half pigs are non-refundable. **


Upon the harvest date, your pig will be delivered to Mountain View Custom Meats. They will contact you for your cut list. Once we are given the total hanging weight, we will invoice you for the pig and Mountain View will invoice you for the processing. Please see their website for current processing fees.



Forest-Raised Heritage Pork - Spring'25

  • How To Order Our Heritage Forest-Raised Pork

    Reserve your hog by paying the deposit right here, through our online shop.  We will be delivering the pigs to the butcher for you.  Once the pigs are delivered we will send you a text or email.  The butcher will contact you within a few days to go over your ‘cut list’.  Since your hog is custom processed, YOU get to choose what you would like to order.  For instance, the butcher (Heather) will ask you how many pork chops would you like per pack (we choose 4 because we are a family of 4). She will also ask you what type of sausage you'd like - breakfast or Italian.  Bone in hams, or no bone.

    What You Get:

    Since every order is unique, and every pig is a different weight, the below is just an example.

    Pork chops - Desired thickness, 3/4", 1", 1-1/4"

    Roasts-  Loin and/or shoulder

    Spare Ribs - Let me tell you that our Apple Cider Syrups used as a glaze on these will send you to another dimension!

    Sausage- Breakfast or Italian, (or both if you purchased a whole)

    Bacon- Because bacon makes EVERYTHING better!

    Ham - Choose cured or fresh.  Bone in, or no bone. During the holidays, brush our Original or Hot Apple Cider Syrups over your hams and you'll never serve it another way again.

    Ham Hocks - Amazing for use in stocks, stews, and soups!

    Lard – Leaf lard is the glorious fat surrounds the kidneys.  This is the fat that you can render down for baking. Can we say grandma's pie crust? This is the day's old secret!

    Jowl Bacon - It comes whole and you will need to slice it. It can be enjoyed just like pork belly.


    **Don’t forget to ask the butcher for the hocks, leaf lard and jowl bacon… Modern day palettes have been deprived of some amazing heritage flavors as these cuts are not as commonly used as they once were. In the days where every part of the animal was utilized, our ancestors knew how to not only use them, but delight their families and neighbors.  They no longer come standard with every order, so please be sure to ask for them as they are yours!

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