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I'm so very happy you found our page and wish to follow our story and preservation apple orchard - based business! My name is Nikki, and I wear many hats. Wife, mommy, daughter, sister, orchardist, baker, and teacher to name a few. I really love inspiring others and always seek to find ways to become more intimately connected with those who love following along with us. Over the years, the Facebook platform has evolved to the point where a small percentage of the over 10k followers that we've earned ever see our posts. 

To combat this, the best way I see fit is to invite you to subscribe to my emails. Hang on! It's not spam. There will never be spam. It comes from me, directly, or my husband or even daughters if they'd like to share something with all of you. So when we have big news, farm table dinner events, farmstands, workshops, honey available or the apple harvest is on, you'll hear directly from me first. You may or may not ever see my posts on Facebook but you'll always receive my emails. And that connection is more important to me than you may imagine. You all come to us for various reasons. I want you to know that you are an important piece to this grand adventure and we'd love for you to come along on the journey with us. 

Please subscribe below to always stay connected! I look forward to hearing back from you as well! Let's have a conversation about apples or recipes for Apple Cider Syrup! I'm game!



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