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The Seiter Inc., Canning Plant
Yellowstone Highway, Post Falls

-In 1931-


Edgar Seiter opened Seiter’s Cannery in Post Falls, ID.  
His original  production focused on vinegar. The flourishing 
cannery would soon expand to canning locally-grown pumpkins, 
green beans, tomatoes, apples. In fact, in an original newspaper

article of the time, it was stated that Mr. Seiter had contracts to

handle 2,000 tons of apples! The cannery would be in full

swing from 1931 to 1969.

The fertile soil of  The Rathdrum Prairie as well as the rural

surrounding area provided Mr. Seiter with the freshest, most

local produce in the region. In so many ways, his life’s work

was to preserve the local harvest.

Athol Orchards was approached about  Mr. Seiter’s legacy about

two years ago. A kind, older woman visited the farmstand one

Saturday and with her came the rich history of the cannery.

She shared that she at one time held a position as an apple

peeler girl in "Seiter's Cannery". She handed Nikki Mr. Seiter's

original Apple Butter recipe, and the rest is history. Her hope

was that we would bring Mr. Seiter's famous Coeur d' Alene

Apple Butter back into production.
  The Athol Orchards  Family believes that just like The

Rathdrum Prairie, Mr. Seiter’s famous Apple Butter recipe

deserves to be celebrated and enjoyed for generations to come.


Preserve The Land & Local Harvests.

Apple Orchard

Having The Right Apples Matters




Check Out These Century-Old McIntosh apple trees in Green Bluff, WA. Seimer's Farm has graciously offered Athol Orchards the harvests of these prolific trees to go into our newest production of a historic tradition...

McIntosh apples make PHENOMENAL


apple butter.


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