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When designing vinyl stickers for Athol Orchards, we needed to include designs that highlighted our commitment and mission of preserving rare and historic apple varieties but ALSO needed something to point out the fact that we are dead serious about pie. Not just any pie, the BEST pie. The kind of pie our history of grandmothers would give a high ten for! In the bakery here at the orchard, we believe that the crust is as equally important as the delicious, fresh fillings on the inside. We bake the sort of pie crust you WILL NOT leave on the plate when the best part of the slice is gone. In fact, we strive to get our pie fans excited about that final chunk of slightly sweet, reminiscent pastry. If you are a lover of our pie crust, here's a perfect way to shout it out loud!

"In Pie We Crust" Vinyl Die - Cut Sticker

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