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You can't rush a good thing. For years we've discussed beginning an apple butter production but it just didn't feel like the right time. We knew it wasn't. Year after year, customers and fans have asked us if we make apple butter or WHEN will we begin making apple butter. We honestly didn't know when this would happen, so we sat it on the back burner. After a brief meeting with one of the original apple peelers of Seiter's Cannery in Post Falls ( in production from 1931 to 1969), things began happening. Pam had come to one of our Saturday farmstands and began telling us the story of the cannery.


Learning about the production and the preservation of the local harvests of North Idaho at the cannery, we were mesmerized by her story. When she began speaking of Mr. Seiter's apple butter recipe that used to be produced and shipped to New England as "Coeur d' Alene Apple Butter", we felt as though Mr. Seiter himself was hand delivering his original recipe to us. 


This year we were approached by one of our local business colleagues, Bert Westover at Siemers Farm on Green Bluff. He told me he had begun managing a 100 year old McIntosh apple orchard, the oldest on the Bluff. He asked me if I had anything special I could do with these very historic apples. Given the orchard producing these apples dated back to almost exactly the same time period of the cannery, I knew the time had come. My answer to Bert was yes, thus ressurecting a historical North Idaho tradition of Mr. Seiter's original apple butter. We have the recipe, and now the most special apple harvests from a historic orchard. 


This small batch product is an homage to the agricultural history of the Rathdrum

Prairie and to Mr. Edgar Seiter who was committed to preserving the local harvests.


Our brand new limited production of E.A.Seiter's No.1 Original Apple Butter is an absolute treat for the senses. A warm and nostalgic return to your most sweetest memories, and the simplest and cleanest of ingredients. We can't wait for you to indulge yourself this holiday season. We are pre-selling in order to get this into the hands of our greatest supporters first. As soon as the first batch is completed and jarred, we will either ship to you or let you know it's ready for pick up. 


If you live locally and wish to pick up, please select "local pick up" in checkout instead of shipping. 


Protect The Land, Preserve The Harvest

E.A.Seiter's No.1 Original Apple Butter

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