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Our Spiced Apple Cider Syrup is crafted right here at the farm with 100% unfiltered Pacific Northwest apple cider and a special, top-secret blend of cozy spices that remind us of cool, crisp, Autumn days. Most properly described as apple pie in a bottle, you may find you prefer to eat it straight out of the bottle with a spoon. Not only is this syrup to die for on your usual pancakes and waffles, but it can also be drizzled over your favorite vanilla bean ice cream, blended into your favorite greek yogurt, or used as a marinade for you favorite protein dishes. Your imagination is the limit!

**Please order in increments of 1,2,4, and 6 to simplify packing and shipping. 

Athol Orchards Original Apple Cider Syrup 8oz. Bottle

  • Our ingredients are all 100% natural. The bottle is a vintage-style boston round bottle with screenprinting so you can easily recycle for your favorite uses. Hope you enjoy!

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