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Maple Sugaring Season

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The first heavy snows have all but melted, but there's an unmistakable feeling in the air that Spring is begging to arrive. While most in North Idaho are either hunkered in their warm homes waiting for the first buds of Spring or out enjoying all the Winter sports this region has to offer, we've got a giant task at hand that has a very small window of time. It's the traditional Maple Sugaring season!

We launched our first official year of Genuine North Idaho Maple Syrup production last February-March. It yielded a total of approximately 4-5 gallons. While that literally sounds like a drop in the bucket ( pun intended), mind you it takes 40 gallons of maple sap to produce a single finished gallon of pure maple syrup. Sap is 95% water. It is a tedious process but we love the connection and tradition it has to the past. We've hosted workshops where visitors to the farm learn the entire process. From root, to bucket, to bottle. They learn about the history of this process, the science involved, and the traditional and modern practices that bring us this highly valuable, wonderfully sweet and natural maple syrup.


We have volunteers out in North Idaho as we speak, tapping century old maple trees and collecting sap for our production. Last season we ended with a Grade A Amber and a Grade A Dark syrup. Both absolutely divine! If you're in North Idaho ( Cda, Hayden, Sandpoint) and have established Maple trees, get in touch ASAP! You may earn yourself a bottle of our pure North Idaho Maple Syrup!

 This sap bucket and spile ( correct name of a tap) came directly from New England. I picked up a large collection while back in Maine for Apple Camp.   


Visitors during the Maple-Sugaring season are treated to Sugar On The Snow. Have you ever had the pleasure?


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2022 UPDATE!


The 2022 Winter Mid States Rendezvous trade show has set our farm store plans back just a bit. Our success is nothing less than a blessing. This IS still in the plans, the completion date has just been pushed back. By any hope we'll have our new space ready before Autumn!

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