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Your Privacy

It's simple really. At this current time, the only farm-hand/orchardist to have ANY access to your email address, is yours truly - the owner and founder of Athol Orchards Antique Apple Farm ( also the chief cook and bottle washer, entrepreneur, baker, mommy, wife, gardener, designer, marketing extraordinaire, web designer, janitor). When we began this orchard adventure, the first step was creating a Facebook page so we could start getting some exposure. Well, with the way of the world, we really don't like having all of our eggs in one basket. I personally would really love to be able to reach all of our customers, friends and fans without having to log into Facebook, Instagram, etc. Email is a much more trusted means of contacting our customers who WANT to stay in the loop. So please take peace of mind that the only entity utilizing your email address will be me or my husband. We will NEVER sell email lists to an outside source. We appreciate our privacy and respect yours as well. Integrity is everything to us.

When you receive an email from Athol Orchards, it will be sent by me personally and will likely be an announcement for some lovely orchard event, farm-stand, special deals or promo codes on our Farm-Crafted line up of goods. Perhaps we will even be sharing news of big projects on the farm which we DO have in the works!

Why We Would Love Your Email Address

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