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Despite a poor bloom this year, several trees are growing some beautiful antique apples for this Autumn.


First we were sharing our Maple Sugaring season in February and March, and suddenly here we are, wrapping up the Independence Day holiday! Does anyone else feel as though we lost half the year somewhere back a few hundred miles? The girls finished their 5th and 8th grade years of school and will soon be heading to jr. high and HIGH SCHOOL! When we established Athol Orchards, our girls were five and seven! 

Based off of how long it has taken for me to update our website, you can imagine how the days have just been evaporating right before our very eyes. This year has seen many changes for us. We have officially graduated from a small family-owned farm business with a dream to a growing ( still very small) company serving close to 200+ stores in both the Pacific Northwest and Midwestern States!

If you live in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri,Utah, Arizona or Kansas, chances are there is a farm ranch & home store near you proudly stocking our Apple Cider Syrups and Apple Cider Caramel! Check out the locations link above to find a store near you!

We are experiencing a classic and wonderful Summer here in North Idaho. Cool nights with mild days, breathtaking thunderstorms rolling through to keep the mountains green and cool.

We hope to take a break from the busy days and get in some fishing and camping with the girls, maybe a trip to the coast before school begins. Sign up for our email list and you'll get the first word when we open the farmstand this Summer!


Despite a poor bloom this year, several trees
are growing some beautiful antique apples for this Autumn.

Pumpkins are in the greenhouse waiting to be planted. Cinderellas, Winter Luxury, Flat Whites, Warty Reds, Jarrahdales, Orange Cuties. Let's hope the weather cooperates the rest of the growing season!

Gravel Road into the Forest



2022 UPDATE!


The 2022 Winter Mid States Rendezvous trade show has set our farm store plans back just a bit. Our success is nothing less than a blessing. This IS still in the plans, the completion date has just been pushed back. By any hope we'll have our new space ready before Autumn! The location has been selected and the sourcing of raw timber has begun! Erreck is planning to mill ALL the lumber necessary to build this highly anticipated addition to the farm!

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