The Season For Reflection


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A New Year

For Growth

Happy New Year!

If 2020 taught us anything, it was to expect the unexpected. From our very momentous farm kitchen build to a freak pandemic turning the world upside down, I'm certain that most of us pray that 2021 will be a year of calm, resetting, refocus.

For us, that means focusing on our future with an absolutely beautiful and complete licensed kitchen. We celebrated the completion with a gorgeous evening of celebration, friends and family - our very first of what we hope will be many future Orchard FarmTable Candlelight Dinners. The image to the right is just one snapshot of what this candid and whimsical evening held in store for our special guests.

With this farm based kitchen, we are planning many wonderful new farm-crafted products, farm-based workshops & events, and finally, custom designed bakery dessert packages for weddings & special events. We will be creating a new menu with this offering and hope to be accepting orders for 2021 very soon! Stay tuned!


Orchard Crates


Gravel Road into the Forest



2021 UPDATE!

We have begun milling North Idaho timber in anticipation

of starting the build on our farm-stand this Spring!


With the completion of our farm kitchen earlier this season, we've been excitedly planning forward for how to bring our Orchard and our Farm-Crafted Goods into the homes of our loyal customers and friends. The "other boss", aka my husband, has been hard at work designing a simple yet quaint farm stand space here in the woods of North Idaho that we can utilize throughout the year, highlighting fresh grown and value-added goods as the seasons change.


Imagine driving into the woods to pick up a TRULY farm-fresh apple or pumpkin pie - apples and pumpkins grown on site, a little kiss of our very own Bunco Raw Honey to sweeten the filling,  farm-fresh eggs and local heavy cream washed over the top to produce that perfectly golden flaky crust? That's just one little crumb of what you can look forward to when this farm stand takes shape. Follow us on our social media to stay updated on future farm stand dates! We hope to have a few pop-up farm stands as we approach the Holidays! 

Photo Credit: Ben Norwood

Photo Credit: Ben Norwood

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