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Cider Mill & Bakery

First Phase Complete!

Nearly two years in the making, the first phase of our cider mill and bakery project is nearly complete! We are anticipating the second phase which will include framing the inside walls, electrical and plumbing. The finer details of the project are what keep us most excited! Notably the fully operational cider mill that will be housed inside, producing the freshest cider in North Idaho!

Image by Paolo Chiabrando

Time To Plant More Trees

Mid October marks the time in North Idaho when we need to get trees in the ground. Many of our younger "nursery" trees can't withstand the cold temperatures in North Idaho so last Winter, many had to be planted in a trench to protect their fragile young root systems while we readied the land. This year the ground is ready and we will be busy securing them in our rich fertile soil.

Our Goats Tricked Us This Season!

In late February, we had a sire named Bray visit our does for about a month. He stayed all of January, they romped about, made friends, and before long it was time for him to go home.

Believing, with solid tangible evidence that our girls had all been successfully bred, ( this is farm talk now, no need to be shy), we prepared, waited, amended their diets and waited some more. A week before Independence Day our farm was graced with Sophia's kids, Pip and blue-eyed Pearl - pure bred Nigerian Dwarf angels. They weighed in at 2 and 3 lbs a piece and we had to weigh them in a mixing bowl with a kitchen scale because of their tiny stature. First of four kiddings but little did we know this would be our ONLY round of babies this season. Totally, and udderly ( see what I did there?) hood-winked we were. The other girls must have been behaving hormonally due to the ONE pregnant goat among them, Sophia. To this day we aren't certain how this could be but we look forward to next season when we can try again. We decided to keep Pip and Pearl on the farm since they are the first babies born to our herd. And for now, we will enjoy every little bleat and the chasing games that ensue among them. These babies are a joy to our farm.

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