The Season For Reflection


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Blessed with an

We had an amazing family day at Silverwood Theme Park today. The sun peaked from behind fluffy clouds, the trees and landscaping throughout the park showcasing their red and golden cathedrals of leaves and when you were positioned just right, a Heavenly sight.

This was our first opportunity all Summer to take some rare time as a family and just laugh, smile, enjoy each other's company in far too long.

Here on the farm the Maple trees are beginning to turn, and the apples and pears are just about ready to be harvested. Waiting for one frosty night, and it will be time!

The phone calls, messages,emails and texts pouring in over the past several weeks has been overwhelming and completely humbling. Those of you who enjoy the Autumn season by coming out and joining us for our Fall Farm Tours, hoping to come out once again this season. It's sincerely one of my absolute favorite things  as I get to share my excitement and awe about an authentically American symbol, the apple. Sharing all the amazing things that happen throughout the year on an orchard gives me great joy.

As Autumn has approached we had already started wondering how we could get it all done. We've struggled through this year with a scary, potentially life threatening accident earlier in the Spring, ( the girls were not with us thank God), and later having physical hardships including my spinal surgery as the after effects.

We wanted to begin the build of our farm-based store/farmstand at the beginning of Summer but that didn't happen. Because we are now at the onset of Autumn, I made the difficult decision to not book any Fall Farm tours so that we could finally start this monumental project.  The original deadline for opening was at the start of Autumn.

So, I wish to apologize to all the families, homeschools, public schools, charters and more who hoped to come out this season. It was a decision not taken lightly but we look to Autumn 2022 to embody all the wonderful plans we've aimed for.

We will still be opening the farm this Autumn for our Saturday Farmstands so PLEASE continue following us on social media and subscribe to our email newsletters! We were hired by Siemers Farm this Autumn in addition  to everything else and that has the bakery absolutely humming. It's an amazing blessing and honor to bake farm-fresh pies and cookies for their country store.  If you're in Greenbluff this Autumn season, pop in and buy some of our amazing pies!


Orchard Crates


Gravel Road into the Forest



2021 UPDATE!

We have begun milling North Idaho timber in anticipation

of starting the build on our farm-stand this Spring!


With the completion of our farm kitchen last Fall, we've been excitedly planning forward for how to bring our Orchard and our Farm-Crafted Goods into the homes of our loyal customers and friends. The "other boss", aka my husband, has been hard at work designing a simple yet quaint farm stand space here in the woods of North Idaho that we can utilize throughout the year, highlighting fresh grown and value-added goods as the seasons change.


Imagine driving into the woods to pick up a TRULY farm-fresh apple or pumpkin pie - apples and pumpkins grown on site, a little kiss of our very own Bunco Raw Honey to sweeten the filling,  farm-fresh eggs and local heavy cream washed over the top to produce that perfectly golden flaky crust? That's just one little crumb of what you can look forward to when this farm stand takes shape. Follow us on our social media to stay updated on future farm stand dates! We hope to have a few pop-up farm stands as we approach the Holidays! 

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