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It May Be Winter...

The Inland Northwest may be shrouded in a constant blanket of gray clouds with rainy storms travelling through, but Spring planning is definitely in the air. Thank God for seed catalogs and McMurray Hatchery for pulling us through these dark months! Some of my personal favorite seed catalogs, hands down: Baker Creek, and Territorial Seed Co. Shopping for seeds is something I must do in secrecy because if my family ever knew about my planning and seed saving, they'd confiscate those catalogs long before my hands grabbing ahold of them. 

And while I'm talking about catalogs, I can't forget to mention a very cool experience that resulted from our participating in the Modern Homesteading Conference last Summer. I was asked to write a piece about the benefits of adding ducks and hens to the diverse and thriving ecosystem that is our holistic orchard. It is currently featured in this year's McMurray Hatchery catalog! If you received your catalog, look for the "Growing Fruitful Relationships" article. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to add these beneficial fowl to your own orchards.

The photographs feature our orchard hens and ducks, along with a shot from one of our gorgeous orchard farmstable dinner events. 

So while we are all patiently waiting for the first dandelions to emerge ( it's a few months from now unfortunately ), we can at least begin planning for the seasons of growing and abundance ahead of us. Order yourself some catalogs, settle down in front of the wood stove with a hot cup of tea, and get to dreaming! The snow will melt soon enough, and the slower more contemplative period of Winter will be just a memory. 

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We have closed the ordering season for our very first Homesteader's Orchard Collection but what a great first season! We are so excitedto get our orders in to our special sources and bring in the first round, our Keeper's Collection for aspiring orchardists this upcoming Spring, 2024. If you  missed out on placing an order for your Homesteader's Collection this year, fear not! We will be launching a whole new collection for the 2024 season and you will NOT want to miss out. We are not just selling any variety of apple...we are thoughtfully and intentionally pairing together specific varieties that our homesteading ancestors absolutely relied upon for survival in the earliest days of American history. These varieties are tried and true, have withstood the test of time, and what's best? They all have very specific uses. Not all varieties can do all the things. When you start investing in our collections, you will be investing in a future orchard that will provide you with generations of apples for keeping, saucing, fresh eating, baking and more. Your best bet is to subscribe to our email at the top of the page so you can stay up to date as to when our latest collection will be released for pre-order in 2024. Until then, get to planning and plotting your orchard space!

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Despite a poor bloom this year, several trees
are growing some beautiful antique apples for this Autumn.

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