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A Warm Welcome To You


One Of The Most Fruitful North Idaho Companies To Join!

Welcome! If you've made it to this page it means you've been hand- selected by the Athol Orchards family to represent, sell and earn revenue from our line of Orchard-Based products, educational experiences, events and more. As the owner, founder, and orchardist of Athol Orchards, I would like to welcome you to our nostalgic world.

We are truly and genuinely so grateful for your commitment to supporting our orchard based-business and earning an income to boot!

Before we even delve into this, we'd love for you to know that modern technology is something we've learned to accept when it comes to running a business in 2023. We MUCH prefer the connection of in-person conversation, phone calls, visits to the coffee shop. Having said that, we also understand that the world of social media has opened up an enormous opportunity for commerce as well as education. That is where we choose to spend our marketing energy.

Chances are, you've got a smart phone. If you've got a smart phone, you've likely got accounts on any number of the main social media apps; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, or even your own website, podcast, blog or vlog. ALL of these platforms are PERFECTLY suited for sharing your love for our products and offerings. Most importantly, establishing a revenue stream that is only limited by your creativity and ambitions!

To Sign Up:

1. Head to our home page and go up to the top left of the screen.

2. If you've never joined our website as a member to place orders or earn Pips, create an account.

3. Once you've established your account with us, you will need to be logged in prior to signing up for the affiliate software.

4. Come back to this webpage which is only accessible via the link provided to you in your email.

5. Click the Affiliate Portal button which will establish your personal affiliate account. Your authentic affiliate code will be at the very bottom of the portal.

6. The link you will use when sharing our product so that your followers and friends are navigated to the correct location will be provided as well. This is an example of what your link will look like:


Your success will be dependent on how much creativity you pour into your affiliate position. It isn't difficult to make our products shine. You may have been offered an affiliate position because we've been following you and love what you do. Many of you are not strangers to sharing our products. Now you just get paid to do it!

Food staging with photography and cinematography is tremendously gratifying. Hints? Use LOTS of natural light. Set up by windows, or work in site with your bbq, camp fire, griddle, outdoors in the shade! If you know our business, you know we are all about barn wood, old apple crates, rusty metal, antiques and glorious old things. They make wonderful additions to a food image. BBQ, desserts, cocktails, breakfast featuring waffles, pancakes, abelskievers, holiday hams, turkeys, shakes, seasonal goodies, PLEASE show us your creativity when posting. Always have the product in the shot. Please always tag us, @AtholOrchards, #atholorchards. Work the products into your reels and videos! Just have fun.  If you've made it this far, you've already proven your magic to us.  We can't wait to watch your sales grow!

Your payout will be on a monthly schedule and will come via Paypal. We will need you to share with us your email address to which your Paypal account is established so that we can send you your funds at the end of each month.

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