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Thanksgiving Pie



If you've yet to enjoy our genuinely farm-baked pies, let me tell you about the North Idaho quality that we bake into every pie. Our flaky, slightly sweet crust is made with a premium locally-rendered lard ( when I say local, I mean within 2 miles of our farm). This is an ingredient that I guarantee your grandmothers used for that amazing crust you relished every holiday season. Secondly, our flour. It is an unbleached, Soft White Winter Wheat with origins just North of us. Golden non-gmo wheat that is both grown and milled in the fertile Kootenai River Valley, North Idaho. All fillings are fresh, made from scratch, and our crusts are ALL hand-crimped. No pie crust stampers here! I took over baking pies for my family after my Italian grandmother retired from the tradition. And so I, along with my family continue this tradition for you, baking premium farm-fresh pies here on our farm for your families and loved ones to enjoy.

This is our first season offering pie pre-ordering from our website so we do hope you will have patience with this process. We will be baking all the pies, packaging and freezing them so all you need to do to have fresh pies for your Thanksgiving meal is to pop them in the oven and serve them nice and hot. The other option is to take them out morning of, and let them thaw at room temp. The pumpkin and pecan pies need to defrost in the refrigerator as they contain custard made with egg. The boxes will include re-heating instructions.

Important Dates:
Order Deadline: Nov. 9

Pick-Up Days: Nov. 11 & 12

Farm Address:
13467 E Bunco Rd Athol

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