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Fine-tuning Our Farm with Cuteness!

Years ago when Erreck and I would talk about establishing a farm, we always knew we wanted livestock - namely the portly, hungry, hearty variety. In everything we do, if we plan on taking on the responsibility of animals, they in turn have to provide something valuable in return. Nothing on our farm has a lack of purpose and planning. So when we decided that we wanted ruminants on our farm, the variety would HAVE to be Nigerian Dwarfs. Look up the word ruminants. They are fascinating and highly efficient creatures! Nigerian dwarfs are known for their high milk production in comparison to their size. Their milk quality has a higher percentage of milk fat than other dairy goats which make them the perfect, smaller dairy breed. Craft goat-milk cheeses, soap-making, cream!

This was an old storage area that we called "the manger". We cleaned it out, added walls and this became the goat barn!