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From Humble

If you feel the American Dream is dying, our story exists to serve as an example that the American Dream is alive and well. You won't hear about it thriving in the national news unfortunately. Look to your own local news to see genuine, small family-owned businesses thriving despite the current challenges they face in this country. From our earliest days selling our Signature Apple Cider Syrups at the local Kootenai County Farmers Market and Athol Farmers Market, we could have never imagined where the journey would lead. We've been overwhelmed and blessed with successes that we had only dreamed about for our family and our preservation apple orchard-based business. It has cost us endless days of literal blood, sweat, and tears, but that is what the American Dream is all about. Being brave enough to face the challenges, and stubborn enough to persevere when the goal posts keep moving into the distance.

Celebrate the American Dream with us and check out some of our spotlight moments. We are extremely proud of how the Northwest has not only embraced our unique business, but has elevated us to levels we could have never dreamed of. The future is brighter every day.

KXLY Spokane, WA
Made In The Northwest



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